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Discover Your Narrative

Coaching is an artful process centered around asking insightful, non-threatening questions that stimulate deep thinking and introspection. Through this journey of self-discovery, individuals are empowered to unearth their own answers, cultivate belief in their capabilities, and take decisive action towards personal and professional fulfillment.


At About Mind, we specialise in facilitating transformative coaching experiences designed to unlock your innate potential and foster growth.


Our Coaching Services:

  1. Integrative Life Coaching: Tailored sessions aimed at harmonising various aspects of your life, enabling you to achieve balance, clarity, and fulfillment.

  2. Leadership Coaching: Strategic guidance for aspiring and established leaders, fostering the development of essential skills, self-awareness, and impactful leadership styles.

  3. EQ Coaching: Enhancing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) through targeted goals, empowering individuals to navigate emotions effectively, build meaningful relationships, and thrive in diverse environments.

  4. EQ Adolescent Coaching: Supporting the emotional and social development of adolescents, equipping them with invaluable tools and insights to navigate the complexities of adolescence and beyond.


Through our coaching services, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment, where every question leads to profound insights and every insight paves the way for personal and professional evolution.

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