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Industrial & Organisational Psychologist (PS 0147656), Certified BWRT® Practitioner, Professional Coach and USB-ED Faculty Member

As an I-O Psychologist and Coach, Daniëlle is driven by a deep dedication to advancing mental health. Her focus lies in helping individuals comprehend and navigate their challenges, empowering them to evolve into the person they aspire to be. Acknowledging the crucial role of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in managing the demands of both professional and personal spheres, she dedicates her time to guiding, counselling, and coaching individuals. Simultaneously, she assists organisations in surmounting workplace challenges to optimise functionality and heighten employee job satisfaction. Daniëlle firmly believes that a happy workforce is an invaluable asset to any company.

Daniëlle delivers a holistic service tailored to the unique needs of each individual or organisation. Grounded in principles of integrity, accountability, passion, relevance, and professionalism, she consistently strives to provide the highest quality support.

A graduate of the University of Cape Town, Daniëlle holds a Bachelor of Social Science with a focus on Organisational Psychology and Psychology, a Bachelor of Social Science Honours specialising in Organisational Psychology, and a Master's in Industrial and Organisational Psychology. Furthermore, Daniëlle holds certifications as a BWRT® Level 1 practitioner, Mental Health First Responder, Culture Practitioner, Workplace Trauma Counsellor, and Professional Career Coach. She is also accredited to employ a diverse range of renowned psychometric assessments to address the unique needs of her clients.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Daniëlle, as a mother, places great value on achieving a work-life balance, enjoying time outdoors, and prioritising her personal development. This commitment ensures that she consistently offers her clients the best version of herself.

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